Thursday, March 23, 2023

Xiaomi QiCycle, an updated e-bike with increased wheels and a range of 40km

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Electric mobility is an ecological and sustainable alternative that has enhance the launch of many electric means of transport, such as bicycles. Xiaomi already has a lot of experience manufacturing this product; it has a very wide catalog of electric bicycles. The brand now has a new electric bike, the ‘Xiaomi QiCycle.’

The electric cycle is based on the QiCycle R1 that was launched in 2016. The new generation of the Xiaomi QiCycle is particularly visually a significant improvement on the predecessor. Instead of 16-inch tires as before, the successor now comes with more contemporary 20-inch tires. This improves safety, stability, and superior comfort when carrying it both in the city and on the road. Otherwise, Xiaomi mainly worked on the design.

Xiaomi Qicycle, an updated e-bike with increased wheels and a range of 40km
Xiaomi Qicycle, an updated e-bike with increased wheels and a range of 40km

The design is again simple, in the purest Xiaomi style, almost with a normal bike style that does not invite you to think about electric assistance except for the engine compartment and the controls on the handlebars. The QiCycle is a model adopting a lighter 6061 aluminum alloy frame.

There are three modes of operations of the bike – fully electric, assistance in pedaling, or with the motor turned off. As it’s based on the 2016 QiCycle R1, it’s safe to assume that it might be powered by the same 250W motor as its predecessor.

Xiaomi Qicycle, an updated e-bike with increased wheels and a range of 40km
Digital display

It receives a 36V-5.2Ah battery (non-removable) located in the center bar. According to the manufacturer, it should enable a range of up to 40 kilometers depending on the terrain and the type of use. In electric mode, it is limited to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) speed. The battery can be recharged fully in just 3 hours connected by an interface located at the back.

Xiaomi QiCycle has the cables and circuits hidden inside the bicycle chassis. Yes, you can see the brake cables and others on the front, but they are integrated into the same belt fixed by clips that are then inserted directly into the main tube.

Other features include an adjustable seat to adapt its position to the different heights of the users, and LED lights at both front and rear to ensure good visibility over other drivers. It is also fully foldable, so you can take it wherever you want. On the handlebar, it includes a digital screen that displays basic information, including transmission, speed, and battery charge.

Xiaomi offers the QiCycle for around 2,999 yuan (more than Rs. 30,000), and currently, it is only for sale in China. This new model of Xiaomi can enhance the use of electric bicycles thanks to its very affordable price. Hopefully, it will soon reach other countries.

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