X-TANKCOPTER: An innovative all-terrain drone

X-TANKCOPTER: innovative all-terrain drone

With the mission of creating a small, advanced, personal drone that can drive across difficult terrain, drift, fly, capture HD quality shots from a different perspective and more, the scientists, engineers and inventors at Xerall have got the final design that brings fun to your life.

The team has designed and developed the X-TANKCOPTER packed with lots of stunning features and anyone can operate with fun.

You can control the drone using your smartphone. Simply install the Xerall App on your smartphone that provides full control of the drone such as take photos, videos, fly, drive, and more.

Also, you can control it via a 2.4 GHz Remote controller that operate just like any other drone. It offers yaw, pitch. roll, altitude control etc. With a flick of the button, you can turn the quadcopter into the tank. A smartphone holder is provided with it.

X-TANKCOPTER responses the gesture control also. You can direct it by simply moving your hand.

It comes with VR Goggles for real-time video transmission. Anti-Blue light lenses protect your eyes with the invariant color, blue ray and radiation resistance, lighting reduction. You can have massive experience of super sharp picture projection.

A 120-degree wide-angle 720P HD camera is mounted on it which allows you to capture any mission in any condition or environment. X-TANKCOPTER gives a real-time transmission for live video by pairing the mobile app to the drone Wi-Fi.

The strong LED lights are given at its front side which helps you to easily get the view through dark places.

Its premium and small design stunned you with the enormous beauty. The drones’ weight is only 123grams, so it carries very small impact energy. Also, it is very safe, the propellers will automatically shut down once they collide with any obstacle.

X-TANKCOPTER: innovative all-terrain drone
X-TANKCOPTER: innovative all-terrain drone

Don’t worry about the crashes, the drones’ arms are tremendously crash resistant. The arms simply rotate when they collide with obstacles.

No problem if you are a beginner. The X-TANKCOPTER is very easy to pilot. Its advanced altitude hold mode maintains the safe height.

Moreover, with the press in button, the drone will auto take-off and one more press will land it safely. it is loaded with one more impressive function called custom route. Suggest a path on your screen and it will follow it automatically.

X-TANKCOPTER can drive easily in most of the terrains, drift, and drive. It runs fast on straight territory, climbs seamlessly over obstacles, fly and more.

Additionally, you can explore the new places beyond the reach of others, capture the fantastic shots from the ground and aerial perspective in HD quality.