WOWSTICK: A pen-shaped electric screwdriver

The world’s leading brand STANDMAC, Inc. brings the future of the electric screwdriver to you. It is a group of designers, engineers, and innovators intended to make everyday life more convenient.

You definitely have strived to make quick fixes your glasses, watches, or other everyday accessories. Your desk may be messed up with pens and other desk tools but an electric screwdriver might not be there yet.

Marco Wen, Founder of WOWSTICK, said, “We always want to make something often used in daily life. Something with an extraordinary look that can be placed on any desk. Something you have never seen as a gift. What if we integrate all of these ideas into one product?”

Out of this thought, they designed ‘WOWSTICK’. It has 54 included bits making this a multifarious function desktop tool. Everyone can use this futuristic tool.


Electric screwdrivers have always been bulky and occupy space. But this new pen-shaped electric screwdriver is actually designed by keeping everyday convenience in mind.

This futuristic electric screwdriver packed into a tiny, USB-rechargeable design. It is sleek and lightweight with its revolutionary pen-shaped design. Though it is crafted focussed on its size functionality and convenience is not compromised anywhere. It features German design specs and an Aluminum alloy unibody, with a screw-less design.

WOWSTICK houses three shadow-less LED lights that used by surgeons to produce a shadow-less light.

WOWSTICK Specifications
WOWSTICK Specifications

It is equipped with a powerful built-in lithium battery, which lasts up to 6 hours of non-stop use. However, if you running out of battery you can charge from anywhere with its fast and efficient USB port.

It becomes the world’s most compact electric screwdriver with its 16mm diameter. This screwdriver can reach speed as high as 200 RPM with dual torque of 0.15/3 Nm.

WOWSTICK is sleek, slim and durable. It weighs only 50 grams. It comes with three modes as manual, auto and dual power.

This patented design featured mixed power. It is the most innovative feature it posses. In the electric mode, press and hold the button slightly and turn the screwdriver back and forth, this is to tighten. However, the same trick will work to loosen the screws. The dual power mode empowers you to work effortlessly with a screwdriver.

Wen said, “Although WOWSTICK is a fully-functional, versatile and electric tool that can be used with virtually all common types of screw, it’s also designed as a creative product for those customers seeking unique gadgets, original gifts…or even a decorative accessory for their office desks.”

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