Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The world’s lightest electric 16” folding bike, weighs just 12.5 kg

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A Swiss startup United City Bikes has designed and developed an e-bike that is light, compact, durable, flexible and affordable. The company claimed that with the weight of only 12.5 Kg, it is the lightest folding electric bike on the market.

The foldable electric bike named THE ONE is created to meet the demands of the ever-transforming micro mobility lifestyle trends.

Key Features
Key Features

The lightest and most compact folding electric bike

It comes with a functional smart design and a minimal look. It is made of magnesium alloy that incorporates the leading technology with the folding thickness of only 25 cm (dimensions: 25 x 64 x 76.5 cm). The bike can be folded in less than 10 seconds and its folding compact size enables you to squeeze it into the smallest gap in the train.

Most compact folding size
Most compact folding size

THE ONE is the first ever e-bike made of magnesium alloy. The top-quality patented framework of the bike gives the bike a unique sleek look as well as a tough body with a maximum load of 100 kg (220.46 lbs). This frame weighs 35% less than other premium aluminum frames on the market.

Unique and smart design
Unique and smart design

The built-in 250W high-speed brushless motor weighs 65% of a conventional motor, at only 2 kg. The battery is integrated into the seatpost to retain its slim frame design. In addition, you don’t need to carry the whole bike to the charging station, simply remove the seatpost to take out the battery for charging, whether in your apartment or at your office.

Removable battery lasts up to 60km (37.28 miles) on a single charge.
The removable battery lasts up to 60km (37.28 miles) on a single charge.

The motor has a high energy conversion efficiency of 95% and can be last up to 60km (37.28 miles) on a single charge. It also has start assistance of 6km/h charge. Long rides on folding bikes don’t have to be uncomfortable anymore.

The company is able to achieve the possible compact size of the e-bike with a patented magnetic system which makes the two wheels stick tightly and firmly together.

What’s more?

An LCD display is given on the handlebar, that keeps you updated with battery and speed status. The patented saddle design gives extra comfort for riders in sitting position. In order to provide the power to stop the rider faster, the disk brakes have also been incorporated for the riders’ safety.

LCD Display
LCD Display

Additionally, as all the wires have been tucked inside the framework, the bike is fully water and weather resistant, and there’s a unique built-in kickstand included.

The most compact folding electric bike comes in two versions- EU and US. The EU version has a maximum speed of 25km/h with electrically assisted mode only. While the US version has a maximum speed of 32km/h (21.7mph) on a pure electric mode with a thumb throttle.

This is not the end, the more included like foldable pedals, clean cockpit, perfect speed ratio, built-in gear drive system, etc. makes it stand out of all the other electric bikes available in the market. Head over to the United City Bikes website for more info.

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