Sunday, June 16, 2024

World’s largest container ship ‘EVER ACE’ successfully transits Suez Canal

Built by the Samsung Heavy Industries for Evergreen Marine Corporation, the world’s largest container ship ‘EVER ACE’ successfully crossed Suez Canal on its maiden voyage en route to the port of Rotterdam of the Netherlands.

On August 28, the container ship made waves and turned heads with its unusual appearance. The EVER ACE is the first of a series of 12 container ships ordered by Evergreen in China and South Korea shipyard and was officially delivered by the builder on July 29.

This monstrous floating box has a carrying capacity of 23,992 TEU, making it the largest such vessel in the world. It takes the title from the HMM Algeciras of 23,964 TEU, which visited Rotterdam on its maiden voyage just last June. The container ship measures 400 meters long, 61.53 meters wide, and weighs approximately 235,000 tons.

Because of the ship’s larger size, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) followed its protocols and offered navigation support during the transit, ensuring a safe passage of the ship. The Suez Canal Authority said the EVER ACE’s smooth passage through the canal reflects the route’s ability to accommodate current and future giant container ships.

In early August, the EVER ACE container ship set sail from the Port of Taipei in Taiwan, beginning its maiden voyage. The Panama-flagged EVER ACE ship is en route from China to the port of Rotterdam of the Netherlands, where it is expected to reach on September 4.

Evergreen Marine Corporation also owns the Ever Given ship, which made the headlines in March for blocking the Suez Canal and causing a major disruption in global trade. The ship was refloated after a major six-day salvage operation and was escorted through the 193km (120-mile) canal by two tugboats.