Monday, December 11, 2023

World’s first hands-free portable fan

Everyone has some essential warm weather accessories such as sunglasses, sun-cream and more which they mostly carry when they are on-the-go. But you always feel something missing, unless you have a portable fan with you.

However, most of the portable fans that are available in the market do not let you hands-free. Such as you can either use your smartphone comfortably or hold your fan. This can be hectic and tired you during long operations.

Here I got a new innovative fan that cools you in heat and let you hand-free for enjoying your other personal work. Mr. Calvin from Hong Kong has designed the World’s first tremendously portable hand-free fan.

Now, you no longer need to bother about the heat that would impact your emotion anymore.

You can use this innovative small fan in different circumstances like while enjoying your smartphone or laptop, watching Tv, cooking food and much more. Moreover, you can enjoy its service even in outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, biking or shopping around.

Unlike the other portable fans which you have to hold in hand, it comes with multi-attachment functions like taping, hanging and clipping wherever you like as per your convenience. The fan is very small and extremely light as a pack of tissue paper, that makes it tremendously portable.

Its rechargeable battery gives long duration battery life. In addition, its powerful flow rate with quiet sound makes it superior compared to all the other relatable fans in the market.

If you are a fashion addict and worried that it won’t suit your fashion. Relax, its ergonomic and fashionable design goes with your trendy summer outfit. It can be the best companion in the summer and fits the people having any age.