Sunday, March 3, 2024

World’s first 18-wheel-drive electric ATV

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can travel over various terrains, such as sand, mud, rocks, and dirt. ATVs are designed and manufactured for multiple uses, such as racing, agriculture, military, emergency services, etc. Many manufacturers are making three or quad-wheel ATVs. However, sometimes this setup is difficult to control or maneuver, and rocks and obstacles are difficult to control.

To overcome this problem, Helsinki-based 18 Wheels has unveiled a prototype of its18-wheel all-terrain electric vehicle that slides over rocks and tree trunks. It is the world’s first all-18wheels-drive electric ATV. This ATV can overcome obstacles of more than 200 mm without losing speed.

The 18 wheels have a unique patented suspension. Each wheel has a suspension system that provides a particular movement path. It is equipped with an independent electric motor inside to make it travel more easily over all kinds of rough terrain that traditional four-wheel ATVs struggle with.

An 18-wheel ATV is equipped with 18 wheels but also with 18 motors and 18 springy suspension legs. ATV’s 18 wheels distribute load and force over 18 motors in independently suspended wheels. This 18-wheel-drive electric ATV is made entirely from recyclable materials.

The company’s CEO, CTO, and Founder, Eldar Aliev explained that the lighter the wheel, the less energy it receives when it hits an obstacle, and therefore the less power it will impart to the car’s body and the less impact the driver will feel. Aliev claims their team has reduced unsprung weight by a factor of 10, so the effect when hitting an obstacle is ten times less than a conventional heavy vehicle.

The company is now looking for investment as it puts the finishing touches on a new pre-production prototype. The final production of the 18 Wheels is expected to be unveiled in late 2023.