Saturday, April 13, 2024

Woobo Mini: New engaging friend to your kids

It is always challenging to design intelligent devices or toys for children. ‘Woobo Mini’ just has conquered this challenge and become the smart toy for kids of 0-4 years old. It is a smart audio playmate carefully curated with songs and stories. It also has devised with night lights which allow kids to fall asleep sooner.

Nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, folk tales, and lullabies were the best memories of a child’s early age. But it is difficult to create these memories in this fast pacing world. Woobo Mini will be your new companion to keep your child interactive.

At birth, a newborn’s eyesight is between 20/200 and 20/400, making them nearsighted. It takes time to develop their eyes to ably handle the different lights of different intensity. But their sense of hearing starts to develop while they’re still in the womb.

Sounds, rhythm, and songs have an exceptional impression on the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children. This music helps to strengthen cognitive and sensory development as well.

Woobo Mini’s design makes it very easy for kids to play, pause, or skip audio content on their own. They designed Woobo Mini with many adorable features to keep a kid engaged in his task. Besides that, he can ask questions and can play music easily.

A team explained, “In this digital age where voice assistants can do everything from booking dentist appointments to controlling your home, our goal was to breathe life into a character who is an engaging friend to kids—not just another geometrically shaped device on their bedside table.”

Let us see how does it work…

How to use Woobo Mini
How to use Woobo Mini

It is drop-resistant, so no matter how many times your kid hit the Woobo Mini on the floor, it will still perform perfectly. It is devised with a voice assistant. You can give a command such as Sing me a song, please and Woobo Mini will do that for you.

Also, it is teething friendly because of luminous Silicon ears. It has a wide selection of songs and stories. It has over 70 songs and stories, and a team is constantly updating to add more content to this library.

Mommies can switch Woobo to Night Mode which enables it to play soothing white noise and illuminate soothing red and yellow lights will encourage them to sleep. Woobo Mini is easy to operate. Simply press the play/pause or next buttons on the toy and it will randomly shuffle through an audio library.

At the same time this cute, cuddly and chatty Woobo Mini is an intelligent toy.

They specified this feature, “Voice interaction enables you and your kids to ask Woobo Mini for a story or to play a song. In the mood for some conversation? Woobo Mini’s Q and A capability allows for kids to ask questions such as – Why is the sky blue?”

Once you have completed the setup, you have the option to use Woobo Mini without access to a WiFi connection. You can listen to more than 30 saved songs and stories in offline mode.

Woobo Mini has been carefully designed to allow toddlers to play songs and stories on their own. Its removable plush cover makes it a perfect toy you can even clean easily. Though Woobo Mini looks like a small toy it is a smart device for kids.

They say, “With Woobo Mini, we’ve attempted to create a plush, huggable audio playmate who looks nothing like a smart device, but acts just like one!”