Tuesday, May 21, 2024

WMC250EV electric motorcycle concept can reach 250 mph speed

After two years of development, a British company White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC), has unveiled a 2WD, hydraulically hub-steered electric motorcycle, the WMC250EV, with which it wants to break the world record in 2022. According to the company, the WMC250EV should be able to reach more than 250 mph (402 km/h) thanks to a massive 69% reduction in drag.

The appearance of this super-fast motorcycle, strange at first glance, is very accurately calculated from the point of view of aerodynamics. The bike features a hole that runs from the front to the back. According to its maker, this duct system, called “V-Air,” makes it the most “aerodynamically efficient motorcycle in the world,” according to its maker. In tests, V-Air caused the WMC250EV to register 70% less aerodynamic drag than most of the market-leading high-performance motorcycles that currently ride today.

The bike uses a hydraulic steering system to control the front wheel. The rear wheel is chain-driven by a pair of 30kW electric motors, while two 20kW power the front wheel. Together, they deliver a total of 100kW or 134 hp. The battery pack sits below the tunnel and has a capacity of 15kWh.

Despite the fact that the curb weight of the WMC250EV is more than 300 kg, its creators intend to accelerate the electric motorcycle to speeds of over 250 mph (402 km/h) – a feat that would surpass the Voxan Wattmann mark of 366.94 km/h.

Not only because of the drastic increase in the speed and acceleration but because its design also increases energy efficiency, increasing autonomy. In addition, says WMC, it improves the stability of the bike because it sticks more to the road, which allows other technological improvements that in traditional motorcycles are not possible.

The benefits obtained by the extreme reduction of air resistance, they say, are so great that it can be “a definitive step towards the widespread acceptance of electric motorcycles” on the road.

The technology will now be put to the test with an attempt at the British electric semi-streamlined motorcycle record later this year, followed by the world record in 2022. The motorcycle designer Robert White has patented this technology globally and aims to make the concept mainstream in the future.