The Waterfull Barrel: An emergency home water storage

Almost every people are unprepared for emergencies because they lead a busy life. Everyone takes food as a priority instead of water, they miscalculate how much water they actually need. Also, they forget to check and rotate their food and water every 6 months, or they simply don’t know where to start.

Let’s take a look at a revolutionary product that makes storing water long-term safe with no maintenance required. Meet the Waterfull Barrel!

It is engineered to take your guesswork out of when and how to keep your drinking water safe. The Waterfull Barrel stores 30 gallons of emergency drinking water. It keeps the water supply from becoming stationary through typical home water use. So when the need arises, you’ll always have fresh water to drink.

The Waterfull Barrel
The Waterfull Barrel

The pressurized design allows you to connect the back of the Barrel directly to your drinkable water source. You can also connect a hose to the front of the Barrel. Every time you use your hose, water is pulled through the Barrel, automatically refilling the water inside with new water.


This emergency water storage Barrel is constructed with food-grade and BPA-free plastic with added UV inhibitors. It’s big enough to hold 30 gallons of water, yet small enough to blend in wherever you put it. It hooks up to your outdoor faucet to stay full as it recirculates with use. So if a disaster ever happens you can be assured that you have drinkable water for you and your family.

The Waterfull Barrel Features
The Waterfull Barrel Features

Unlike the other water storage devices that require chemical adhesives to keep the water safe, the Waterfull Barrel needs no chemicals. UV inhibitors prevent sunlight exposure, while the airtight system keeps carbon dioxide out. Pressurized Barrel keeps the water sealed from outside contamination.

Easy to set up! Installing the Barrel is very easy. Anyone can install it in a few simple steps- no need to hire a professional. No bulky set up is required.

Multiple Barrels can be linked together for greater capacity.
Multiple Barrels can be linked together for greater capacity.

Easy to store! The Barrel is small enough to store anywhere near an outdoor faucet, then just hook up a garden hose for everyday watering.

Easy to access! When an emergency strikes, disconnect the Barrel and use the water for drinking, cooking or washing.

How long you can use this 30 gallons of water? 30 gallons of water will sustain a 4 member family for 7 days. That means 1 gallon of water per person per day with 2 gallons left.


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