Wallor 2.0 is the world’s smartest wallet with real-time tracking

Forgetting wallet, smartphone, passport or any other valuable anywhere around is your knack then you need this wallet. To make your life safer and smarter, Viorel and his team designed ‘Wallor 2.0’. It is the world’s most innovative smart wallet empowers you to track your valuables. Also, featured a wireless charging, RFID protection, and AR detection.

A wallet always full of important valuables and memories. Such as your bank cards, several IDs, a movie ticket from your first date, and more. Incidentally, if you lost any of these can drag you down in the mental agony for days.

Therefore, Wallor 2.0 empowers you with seven amazing functionalities. Which covers all your essential valuables.

Wallor GPS Tracking
Wallor GPS Tracking

Real-Time Global GPS Tracking System, to track your wallet with great accuracy anywhere in the world. Vice-versa you can track your phone with the help of Wallor 2.0 wallet. Because it uses Bluetooth 5.0 to access high fidelity true wireless experience. With this feature, you will have eight times more data transferred at two times the speed in four times bigger range.

It comes with ultra-thin tracking tags that never need to charge. You can stick them to any of your belongings and can track utilizing your smartphone. It can track items in a range of up to 10 feet (3 meters).

Tracking Wallor tag on wallet
Wallor Tag stick on Wallet

You can stick this tag to Suitcase, Briefcase, Backpack, Camera, Tablet, Book, Cards, etc. You merely need to stick tags to the items you carry along or do not want to lose. Then plan a list of the tagged items on the dedicated Wallor App. This application is compatible with iOS and Android (soon will be available for Windows phones). If you leave anything behind, you will receive a notification on your phone.

Viorel Cretu, CEO of Wallor, states, “No other smart wallet provides a complete solution for tracking not just your wallet, but all your other valuables as well. Wallor 2.0 has an accurate Real-Time Global GPS Tracking System that allows you to track your wallet (and any other valuables) worldwide, through our ultra slim Tracking Tags.”

With Wallor you need not to spike your anger due to low battery. It can charge your smartphone wirelessly with an Integrated Power Bank. Integrated 2500mAh Power Bank is completely detachable. So if in case you will be asked to throw your charging source at airport security your wallet will be safe.

Wallor Technical Specifications
Wallor Technical Specifications

Wallor wallet crafted from super sleek genuine Nappa leather. It is scratchproof and can handle wear and tear. Overall it is beautifully hand stitched 8mm thick wallet.

Travel Wallet Specs
Travel Wallet Specs

Wallor avails four distinct wallets. Bifold Verticle/Horizontal featured 2500mAh Power Bank, with AR tracking, tag tracking, and Worldwide GPS tracking. All these features are same in Cardholder Split, Cardholder Slim, and Travel, except the energy capacity of power bank. Cardholder Slim and Cardholder Split have same 1500mAh integrated Power Bank. Whereas, Travel type Wallor wallet has 4000mAh Power Bank.

Wallor box consists of tracking tags, charging cable and power bank.

World’s smartest wallet with an amazing seven other functionalities, Global GPS Tracking, AR Detection, RFID Tracking, Anti-Theft Distance Alarm, two-way audible page, and wireless charging. Wallor 2.0 becomes the demand of today is crafted from the premium quality material. It will make your life safer and smarter.

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