Saturday, May 25, 2024

Vozaudio introduced device to turn existed audio devices to Hi-Res Audio

VOZA is new in the audio world, but it will be the World’s first brand to combine AI with Hi-Resolution sound technology. This group of people having belief that true lossless music should be heard by everyone and should be cost-effective has developed “the AD510 Alexa AVS Enabled Wireless BT Amplifier”.

You can upgrade any outdated audio system such as Car Audio, Headphones, Earphones, PC speakers, Home Stereo Speakers, and more to 192K Hi-Res quality audio system. It will be done only if you have this magical device.

Looking into the future where the IoT smart living is just around the corner, VOZA’s device is a step ahead. To relate yourself to this evolving world you just need to get the AD510. It will enhance your music experience without spending any extra bucks.

In addition, a team has integrated the Amazon Alexa AVS into this device.

The AD510 device is designed to empower a user to auto-enhance their music devices to 192K Hi-Res quality. This incredible device is compact and weighs only 18.5g. It devised with a built-in 56mW amplifier mostly found in driving high impedance headphones. Its professionally tuned sound EQ will change the way you enjoy Music, Gaming, Movies sound scenario.

The AD510 Alexa ready
The AD510 Alexa ready

Besides, this compact device empowers you to turn all your audio wears to smart IoT devices with its built-in Alexa AVS. You can use the AD510 anywhere, anytime and for any audio system.

The extended view of AD510
The extended view of AD510

Initially, Alexa Echo or Echo dot was designed to access inside a home, however, the AD510 enables you to use outdoor. Also, it can turn almost all audio system to wireless and Alexa ready.

The AD510 devised features

A user can enable Alexa in their devices in just three following steps. First, Search and Download VOZA Alexa app on your smartphone and Login to your Amazon account. Then Connect your smartphone with the VOZA AD510. Your audio system is now smart IoT device.

This palm-size tool is full of high-quality features. Whereas it gives 12 hours of play-time in two hours of charging.

The AD510 smart device combines audiophile-grade sound technology with the Amazon Alexa service. This is a pack of accessories like the AD510, USB cable and leather holder with clip.