Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Volkswagen ID.3 officially debuts as people’s electric car

Volkswagen officially presented long-awaited Volkswagen ID.3, its first exclusively electric car, built from scratch, which will go into mass production.

ID.3 is four-wheel drive based on the modular MEB platform, which in the future will serve as the basis for more electric cars.

Volkswagen ID.3 will be offered in three versions of “autonomy.” It will typically be available with three different capacity battery packs, starting at 45 kWh and 330 kilometers maximum, continuing with the 58 kWh providing a range of about 420 kilometers, and ending at 77 kWh allowing 550 kilometers to be covered.

ID.3 is VW's first four-wheel drive based on the MEB platform
ID.3 is VW’s first four-wheel drive based on the MEB platform

In all three versions, the electric motor mounted on the rear axle delivers 204 horsepower and 310 Nm of torque, though VW does not announce the time it takes for the ID.3’s 1,719 kg to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h. The top speed, however, will be electronically limited to 160 km/h.

Charging rates will vary, but all models support fast 100 kW charging, which will allow you to travel about 290 km of range within 30 minutes of plugin time.

ID.3 Interior.
ID.3 Interior.

Its length reaches 4,261 meters, its width is 1,81 meters, and the body height is 1.55 meters. The 2,765-meter wheelbase is the one that takes care of the rear-seat passengers’ well-being, while the 385 liters of luggage compartment provides the necessary luggage storage space.

When it comes to equipment, Volkswagen will only deliver the ID.3 1ST edition with onboard a satellite navigation system, heated front seats as well as a steering wheel and 18-inch alloy wheels and more. The more expensive Plus launch model will receive reversing camera, adaptive cruise control, tinted windows, matrix LED headlights and 19-inch wheels. There’s also a range-topping ID.3 1ST Max with Premium sound system, panoramic roof or even larger 20-inch wheels are also available for an extra charge.

The price of ID.3 with the lowest capacity battery will be around €30,000 ($33,000). It appears the ID.3 will be limited to a European release for now, with no word just yet on pricing for higher versions.