VA:APEN: Innovative luxurious leather briefcase

A team of VA:APEN, was in search to design a versatile bag which can fit all the necessary things into few pockets. However, few options were already on the market such as computer bags. But with it, you may look like a salesman.

Hence, a team intended to design and craft a bag that has smart functions unlike other leather bags and computer bags. They say, “We need the every-day-carry bags with simple and modern design, and with the right amount of smart functions.”

VA:APEN bag is an innovative customizable functional hard-shell cachet with smart functions to lock and load. Its look is stylish to flaunt, decent and bold to carry all the EDCs in a good style.

“Its MESHBOLT structure will allow you to lock your valuable things on top of the bag, with hard-shell cover and magnetic fastener.” It fits your tools, music instruments, and IT gadgets safely. Besides, this bag crafted with a smart pocket for the wireless charge.

VAAPEN Headshot
VAAPEN Headshot

VA:APEN briefcase composed with the Main bag designed with MESHBOLT structure, a Cover with magnetic buckle, and a Top protection cover. Exterior cover is replaceable if it destroys with scratches. Similarly, MESHBOLT also available in various colors and Bag handle is replaceable.

MESHBOLT Design and Functions
MESHBOLT Design and Functions

Its exceptional feature, Magnetic Attach Hard-shell, it will lock if you throw it. It devised a German High-tech Fastener. A leather used to craft this innovative bag is a fusion of leather PU and PP. Its cover will be locked with buckle, top will be attached with Magnetic. Even a zipper used is authentic YKK Zipper.

VAAPEN Technical Specifications
VAAPEN Technical Specifications

You can lock your arms and be ready to move comfortably. Keep it tight with the RIGHT holster.  Leather + Polypropylene fused Injection is used first time Worldwide.

VA:APEN is a versatile briefcase crafted using genuine cowhide leather in and decent style. Now, organize your every day carry items such as arms, special tools, and other gadgets. It is designed with the creative mind of DIY.


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