According to estimate, an average 87% interviewees do not brush teeth regularly on daily basis. Moreover, 87% of the employees do not brush teeth correctly or spent an adequate amount of time on it. It may possibly lead to serious dental problems.

So for such people who have literally a very busy schedule, there is a new invention called V-WHITE, the FDA-approved Next Generation in Teeth Cleaning and Whitening toothbrush.

V-White is a new automatic and whole electric toothbrush that brushes your teeth within just 10 seconds. Additionally, it includes Cold Light Teeth Whitening that simultaneously whitens your teeth.

It is portable to the point that it effectively fits in your pocket, it cleans your teeth so quick that it wouldn’t squander your valuable time amid meal break.

The device comes with a mouth tray, core unit, and a wireless charger. The material of the mouth tray is 100% food-grade silicone thus, it is highly resistant to damage and degradation from extreme temperatures.

There is an inner frame within the mouth tray that helps mouth tray to be firm while delivering the vibrations from the core unit to the top edge of the mouth tray, yet its softness is still guaranteed to not harm users’ teeth.

It also involves a mouthpiece that has inbuilt micro-channels and sophisticated arranged bristles. The bristles in the mouthpiece are comparable to a soft toothbrush.

V-White is supplied with a wireless charger. If you don’t want to take your charger on vacation, a full charge will allow you to clean your teeth twice a day for a whole month.

How to use V-white?

  • Squeeze your favorite toothpaste on both sides of the mouth tray
  • Put the mouth tray into your mouth
  • Press the start button, switch to the “Brushing mode” and wait 10 seconds

To clean your V-WHITE is even easier! Simply switch to the “Cleaning Mode” and rinse the mouth tray, and clean your V-WHITE like a breeze!

Specifications of V-White:

  • 10-second brushing
  • Cold-light teeth whitening
  • Portable
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Flexible, antibacterial mouthpiece
  • Easy to go