Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Urwahn launches its first Acros Edition gravel bike made with 3D printing

The German manufacturer Urwahn Bikes is entering rough terrain and is launching the exclusive Acros Edition, their first gravel bike with numerous interesting innovations. The non-electric Acros gravel bike comes up with an unmistakable monocoque look with progressive riding characteristics.

The frame of the Acros, as well as other bicycles from this German manufactory, is made of steel, i.e., chrome-molybdenum alloy, which could be called a retro material in cycling since it was widely used on bicycles until the end of the 80s when it gave primacy to aluminum alloys. It seems as if the frame is made in one piece; in this case, it is the tubes made on a 3D printer.

Urwahn launches its first Acros Edition gravel bike.
This gravel bike impresses with an unmistakable monocoque look with progressive driving characteristics. Credit: Urwahn Bikes

The elastic steel frame smoothes out bumps and irregularities, while the feather-light Acros Allroad wheels (1.459g) add to the fun of the ride. The 3D printed steel frame is now covered in a scratch- and corrosion-resistant nickel coating and reflective paint. The special frame design is rounded off with an organic-looking decor, which attracts attention through reflections at dusk.

What distinguishes the Urwahn Acros from other bicycles, in addition to the specific architecture of the frame, is an Icelandic-designed Lauf leaf-spring suspension fork. Other features include a lightweight custom wheelset, SRAM Force 22 hydraulic disc brakes, wiring is routed through the frame, and the drivetrain is a premium 1 x 12 SRAM Force AXS.

This all-roader can be functionally individualized, from the integrated LED light, suspension fork, pannier bags to smart gadgets such as a GPS tracker.

The bike is priced at €8,499 (about $10,320). It is available and will be produced on demand within around 2 months.