Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Updated Gocycle GX 2020 fast-folding e-bike now weighs less, more refined

Just like cars, bicycles (and e-bikes) are also subject to periodic restyling aimed at improving their aesthetics and, in this case, their overall performance. The British e-bike manufacturer Gocycle has announced major updates for its award-winning fast-folding, popular GX model, reducing weight, and bringing a range of improvements for a better folding electric bike.

The Gocycle GX is the company’s foldable model. Launched in 2019, it quickly became the best-selling bike in the Gocycle range, thanks to the fact that you can fold it in about 10 seconds, which makes it ideal for storage or public transport. In the new version of the bike, Gocycle has made a series of changes.

The GX 2020 model has the wiring “almost completely” integrated into the hydroformed 6061 T6 aluminum alloy frame. The internal wiring has been improved and optimized to further facilitate folding and removing the battery from Gocycle’s most popular model. There are also dynamic improvements, as the GX 2020 inherits the front fork from the brand’s high-end models: Gocycle GXi and the flagship G3Carbon.

Gocycle 2020 GX in whilte color
Gocycle 2020 GX in white color. Credit: Gocycle

The new fork allows a more attractive ride and improves user comfort. All of these enhancements combine to reduce 300g of total weight on the GX 2020 (now 17.5 kilograms) compared to the previous 2019 model. The bike can fold into a compact package in just 10 seconds if not in use and brought back just as quickly in operating conditions, ready to go.

The company has used a battery pack of 13.7 Ah capacity in this bicycle, which provides a better driving range. The 500-W or 250-W front hub motor (depending on region) enables a top speed of 20 mph (25 km/h), and the 2020 GX can easily run up to 40 miles (65 km) in a single charge.

The rider can roll the collapsed ebike along on the side-by-side wheels.
The rider can roll the collapsed ebike along on the side-by-side wheels. Credit: Gocycle

The rider can roll the collapsed e-bike along on the side-by-side wheels, making it particularly comfortable to move by holding it by the saddle. Like other models from the company, the 2020 GX is equipped with electronic traction control that increases user safety by improving stability and grip on slippery surfaces. When the Gocycle detects and calculates that the front wheel loses traction, it reduces engine power to regain traction and control, so that the user gains stability.

It also has all-weather 20-inch PitstopWheel wheels, which are puncture-resistant too. Available in different colors – electric blue, matte black, and white, the new GX offers the torque sensor, a three-speed mechanical gearbox and a battery charge indicator integrated into the handlebar. The battery is integrated into the aluminum frame but can be removed for charging and maintenance. This model also supports the GocycleConnect app, which allows you to set your preferred driving mode, monitor battery status, and access calorie consumption and pedaling strength data.

Gocycle GX 2020 can already be ordered from the company website or from authorized dealers. We are not talking about a cheap model, it has a cost of €3,199 ($3,299), but those numbers are increasingly common in this sector.