UO+: World’s first AI projector with your personal AI Avatar

Wonderful Platform company combines AI technology with compatible devices to service customer of every need from a large robot to small personal devices.

They teamed up with SKTelecom and Bangjoo Manufacturer to design, develop and manufacture a new revolutionary AI based device called UO+

UO+ is the world’s first AI LASER beam with AI Avatar to guide and recommends you, contents of your choice.

The device is eye safe to both children and elders. UO+ uses CLASS 1 LASER Technology to provide safety to your eyes. This means the content it displays is all FOCUS FREE. You don’t need to manually match the focus on your device. It can adjust the content automatically, no matter what distance you display it on.

UO+: world's first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar
UO+: world’s first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar

Eye safety CLASS 1 product in just 2.5” small cube – sounds astounding! But it is possible with UO+.

When you turn on UO+, an avatar will be displayed on your screen. This avatar will guide you and show you recent contents and recommends apps to download. It also helps you with your settings. The Avatar is like your very own personal assistant.

You can preset and arrange which apps you would like to view; therefore, you won’t have to search and find your custom apps every time you turn on UO+.

Also, the team offers the Avatar store so you can change to your own personal Avatar. The accessories, items, and customization will enable you to interact with your own avatar on screen.

UO+: world's first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar
UO+: world’s first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar

Isn’t it thrilling! I mean, every time UO+ will display your avatar wherever you go!

This pocket-sized projector is combined with all the AI solutions. The Chatbot feature comes with Facial Recognition. This makes AI Avatar more assistant to you to operate the UO+ LASER BEAM projector. It is also compatible with and uses Google Assistant for certain tasks.

Or a wireless remote will help you to control it effortlessly.

UO+ comes with a Voice Recognition Chatbot, which enables you to communicate with your smartphone. You can ask your smartphone to play, display contents and control all your requirements. AI Chatbot is very easy to use, and it will make UO+ to be used even more easier.

In comparison to the other existing devices, UO+ is better and has more functions available for users. LASER Beam ANSI lumen (200 lumen) is much brighter and uses true color. In addition, it comes with LCOS display technology that provides much more clearer images and content.

Laser display is simply brighter, higher resolution, FOCUS FREE and saves power too.

UO+ is compact, durable and easy to use anywhere, anytime. Forget those bulky and complicated existing projectors.

The most essential feature you would be eager to know is its battery life. In a single charge, it offers 2.5-hour standard battery playtime.

UO+: world's first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar
UO+: world’s first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar

Universal Connectivity in UO+

With the Micro HDMI port, you can connect your external devices with UO+ easily. It is compatible with almost all the devices in the market. Furthermore, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity also enable the UO+ to be easily adaptable to external devices.

UO+: world's first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar
UO+: world’s first AI laser beam with personal AI avatar

Just 200-gram weighted projector is lighter of all the other comparable devices out there, makes it more portable for use.

UO+ can be used in various fields and is a multi-purpose projector. Since it’s portable, it can be used for presentations, outdoors. It can stream live content through mirroring and stream customized content where you have pre-assigned the device to display.


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