Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Ultima ebike offers safety, a unique look, and performance

A Vancouver-based startup, EV Canada, has presented the Ultima ebike, a new all-purpose, elegant and lightweight, smart, and customizable electric bicycle. The Ultima is being offered in two models – the Ultima XS and the Ultima XT; both are available in either Base or more deluxe SE packages.

All four versions of the bike are built around a T6 aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame processed through 3D hydraulic technology, which makes The ULTIMA easy to lift and carry. The XS version weighs about 16.3 kg (36 pounds), while the XT weighs 20.6 kg (45 pounds).

The Ultima ebike offers safety, unique look and performance.
The XT version includes a longer-travel generic suspension fork, wider 3-inch tires. Credit: EV Canada

Both models feature a high-speed brushless 36V/240W rear hub motor, which is powered by a removable 36V/5.8 Ah, 202 Wh LG lithium battery hidden in the top tube. On the XT, the battery is backed by a second non-removable 7.8Ah, 281Wh battery under the seat, extending the range all the way up to 60 to 70 km (37 to 43 miles), from the 30 to 40 km (19 to 25 miles) for the XS – in the base package.

With the XS version of the Ultima ebikes, you get Shimano 3-speed rear hub gearbox, TEKTRO Hydraulic Disk Brake System, Zoom suspension fork, and 20-inch alloy wheels with 1.95-inch tires. Thanks to a bar-mounted thumb controller and a stem-integrated LED screen, riders can choose between four levels of electrical assistance. The standard package includes Bluetooth built-in speakers, a frame-mounted foldable lock, and wing mirrors. It also has smart LED headlights and taillights that adjust the working mode and brightness according to the ambient light

The Ultima ebike offers safety, unique look and performance.
Ultima XT removable battery. Credit: EV Canada

The XT version includes a longer-travel generic suspension fork, Jack hydraulic disk brakes, a Shimano Tourney 7-speed rear derailleur, wider 3-inch tires.

For both the models, upgrading to the SE package adds a sling seat, 4K Ultra-HD dual screen action camera, GPS tracking module, all-weather 3-in-1 helmet, a backpack, a portable electric tire pump, a tool kit, an accessories box, and a tiny, detachable carrier box, and a 20,000 mAh power bank to charge your phone on the move.

The SE package includes an extra detachable Battery Pack that extends the renege by an average of 30-40 km (19-25 miles) on both XS/XT models that are replaceable under 30 sec.

Both are offered in nine color options and are currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. The Ultima ebike starts at the pledge prices of $2,337 CAD ($1,832 US) for the XS Base and $2,460 CAD ($1,927 US) for the XT Base package. The SE package is $3,570 CAD ($2,797 US) for the XS and $3,694 CAD ($2,894 US) for the XT. These prices represent nearly 50% off the MRSP. The shipping is estimated in June next year.