Friday, May 31, 2024

Ukraine’s Peacekeeper multi-purpose robotic platform passes factory tests

Unmanned ground vehicles are increasingly being used by armies from around the world. In September, Israel Aerospace Industries presented the Rex MK II unmanned combat vehicle, intended to keep troops out of harm’s way in complex circumstances. In November, there was information about a joint initiative of the Israeli company Elbit Systems and the American manufacturer Roboteam, as a result of which the ROOK unmanned ground vehicle equipped with a remotely controlled multicopter was created. Now there are reports that Ukrainians are also working on the technology of unmanned vehicles.

A Ukraine-based design and production company Synergy DPE has unveiled its new modular unmanned ground vehicle, Mirotvorets (Peacekeeper in English), which has already passed the next stage of factory tests.

The company said that the optical vision and communication system steadily allowed to receive video from cameras and control the robotic platform at distances from 2000 to 2500 meters in indirect visibility. In turn, the work of the platform was demonstrated on snowy terrain and at low temperatures, said General Director- Ruslan Jalilov.

The Peacekeeper is a unique floating multi-purpose robotic platform (BRP) based on an electromechanical chassis designed to perform logistics, evacuation, reconnaissance, and other special tasks in military units.

The platform has low-pressure tires and, in turn, is built on a stable and durable transmission base, which has amphibious properties, a long-range, and a low noise level while driving, making it inconspicuous during military missions. The vehicle can maneuver in difficult road and weather conditions, including lakes, rivers, swamps, snowy areas, deserts, trenches up to a meter, and mountainous terrain with an angle of 60%, making it ideal for combat zones.

The Peacemaker includes a universal chassis to enable the installation of combat strike modules, medical equipment, special reconnaissance equipment, demining and electronic countermeasures, fire equipment, and various bodies for transporting people and goods and others. All these features of the “Peacemaker” confirm the possibility of using platforms of this class in combat zones and, in the future, will allow the military to increase mobility and security and be able to use modern robotic systems.