UFour: The perfect 4-in-1 charging cable

We all are permanent multi-gadget users. And who better than us knows that exhausting feeling of sudden dead batteries of a phone, smartwatch, and earphones when they are vitally important. Waiting for a battery to charge up, especially when there is a couple of devices and the only one socket could be really annoying. To make this pain go away here’s presenting “UFour”, Apple watch wireless pad with multi-charging cables.

UFour is the all-in-one super portable charging cable having multiple plugs. It includes a micro-USB, a USB-C and lightning plus a wireless charging pad for Apple watch for extra connectivity. It’s efficient, easy to use, and helps to keep your USB slots free for other purposes.

With UFour, you will need to carry only a single cable when you want to charge your Apple watch and other iOS and Android devices on the go. It is the most convenient, tangle-free, and can charge four devices at fast speed simultaneously with high efficiency.

Apple Watch Wireless charger + USB-C + Micro-USB + Lightning
Apple Watch Wireless charger + USB-C + Micro-USB + Lightning

What it comes with?

Simply hold the charging pad/mat near the back of the watch and magnets snap into place automatically. The magnets will automatically stick to your watch and start to charge. Allows you to charge your smartwatch without disconnecting the band.

It has a built-in magnetic charging module with high-quality pure copper coil. This coil powers your Apple Watch at 3.5W, which rivals the original Apple Watch charger without generating too much heat.


UFour is made of high-quality wire core with tinned copper wires for supreme anti-oxidation, it ensures stable and safe transmission.


In addition, premium ABS material provides superior electrical insulation and heat dissipation. Even after long time use, it never gets too hot and is super safe for your devices.

Also, the strong nylon braided wire is unbreakable and never tangle as normal wires do. The three separate cables on one end are all 3 feet (95cm) long, and the other end of the cable is 1 foot (25cm) long. All this brings the total length to 4 feet (120cm).

Moreover, its wireless charging mat regulates the current flow automatically and comes compatible with all the Apple watch series 1/2/3/4.

UFour’s three ports can be connected to all type of electronic gadgets including smartphones, tablets, wearables, external batteries, headphones, speakers. It comes compatible with most devices available in the market.

UFour: Data Transfer
UFour: Data Transfer

Additionally, its super compact, lightweight and simple design make it take less of your space, effortless to keep in a pocket, keep everything organized and makes it your perfect travel companion.

Along with all these stunning features, you can use the cable with lightning connector for data transfer between your Apple devices and laptop. It offers awesome 480Mps transmission speed.

The only drawback is when all three cables and the wireless charging pad are used together, the charging speed may be slower across your devices.

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