Friday, April 12, 2024

UBCO introduced its new generation of both-wheel-drive electric bikes

A New Zealand-based company UBCO, well known for its 2×2 utility bike, has unveiled its new lineup for 2020. There will be two variants on sale – the new, improved version of the 2×2, an all-terrain electric moped, and the manufacturer’s first electric trial bike, the UBCO FRX1.

The UBCO 2×2, 2020 edition

The fifth-generation 2×2 Adventure Bike is more for adventure-oriented drivers who want to travel on the electric motorcycle or take advantage of both-wheel drive. This all-terrain bike is the dual-purpose bike for on- and off-road riding. In any case, it will be a road-approved machine, even in Europe.

2x2ADV – The Adventure Bike
The 2x2ADV – The Adventure Bike

The moped, which can reach the top speed of 48 km/h with a removable battery of 2.4 kWh, will be able to achieve a distance of 120 km (75 miles). The 48Ah-rated 50V lithium-ion battery unit charges fully in 6 to 8 hours.

The 2x2WK

2x2WK – the Work Bike – is for the farmer, hunter, property owner, and outdoors person. It is simplified to its essence rendered in all black, out of the box with lever guards and full off-road tires. According to the company, this is the lightest and simplest 2×2 to date.

The 2x2WK, pure off-road work horse is for the farmer, hunter, property owner and outdoors person.
The 2x2WK, pure off-road work horse is for the farmer, hunter, property owner and outdoors person.

A new KXH portable power system will be available for 2020, with both 12v and 5v ports, in different capacities up to 60Ah. The KXH is also the 2 × 2 power supply, offering an effective supply of energy on-demand as a generator. It can be easily removed from its protective frame and placed on the bicycle. The KX3.0 will be available for purchase separately.

An electric trial bike

The UBCO FRX1 Freeride Trail Bike is the first electric trial bike of the New Zealand group. Intended for use on track and equipped with pedals, the bike looks like a mountain bike. It will be equipped with an electric motor of 15 kW and will be able to reach 80 km/h (50 mph).

The UBCO FRX1 Freeride Trail
The UBCO FRX1 Freeride Trail

Battery side, it loads a 2.2 kWh removable block for a range of up to 100 km (62 miles). The battery can be fully charged in about 2.5 hours using the traditional way.

Finally, the lineup will feature the UBCO 3 Wise Men limited-edition bike, which is the result of a collaboration between Ubco and fellow NZ-based company 3 Wise Men. The bike features a range of customizations, including a handcrafted leather seat, a deep midnight paint job, a leather battery belt, and tan diagonally patterned pillow grips and black-drop mirrors.

The marketing of both models is expected to begin in the coming months; the price and availability have not been announced yet. The previous 2×2 model starts at US$6,999.