Friday, February 23, 2024

Two Las Vegas resorts want to be part of The Boring Company’s tunnel system

Just over a month ago, the Boring Company, founded by Elon Musk that seeks to unclog road traffic in large cities through underground tunnels, finished excavating the second tunnel of the underground transportation system of the “Las Vegas Convention Center”. Now, two major Las Vegas resorts and casinos want to join the tunnel transportation system of The Boring Company.

Wynn Las Vegas and Resorts World Las Vegas (which is under construction) are requesting county approval for projects that link them to the Convention Center’s transit system. If the request is granted, both resorts will have access to passages for the underground tunnels. This means that these hotels will have Tesla autonomous vehicles available to transport passengers to the Convention Center. These trips would be faster and more efficient, taking just two minutes between the Convention Center and the resorts.

Tesla autonomous vehicle

Credits: The Boring Company

Convention guests would no longer have to worry about long walks or gridlock traffic around the convention center – they could take the transportation system to Resorts World Las Vegas for lunch, meetings, or personal appointments, and be back to their conference or expo in minutes,” said Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas.

The Boring Company’s first operation to improve traffic. There are many questions about whether the investment was serious and useful. With major resorts wanting to be part of the venture, it looks like the project will be widely used when completed. It is expected that this same infrastructure will be used in other countries in the world.

This new connector adds to a separate Loop system already under construction at the LVCC that transports convention attendees between exhibition halls. The LVCC Loop, part of LVCC’s expansion, is slated to be finished by January 2021. The plans, however, may still change depending on the situation of the city at the time of the event due to the coronavirus pandemic.