Thursday, April 18, 2024

TVXQ’s Yunho submitted a patent for a unique mask design with a cap

The worldwide Coronavirus outbreak makes many people routinely wear masks, including Yunho of TVXQ. The current face mask designs don’t allow you to drink or eat, and hence it often needs to be removed.

If anyone follows TVXQ’s Yunho – South Korean singer-songwriter, it may be known that his hobby is quite different from other celebrities, that is, to invent things. Most recently, it was reported that Yunho gave birth to a new breakthrough by creating a mask design that was different from the one that had existed before.

He has already submitted the patent on the 3rd of March for the mask of his design that is not only unique but functional. The mask design comes with a detachable cap in the middle of the mask that could be opened and closed right in front of the mouth. The user can then drink the water using straw without having to take off the mask.

According to Yunho, “I wear masks often, and wondered, ‘Is there a way to drink water easily without removing the mask?’ I thought about it with a friend, and ended up filing a patent for the design.”

We are not sure how advisable it is to remove the cap as it exposes the user to outside air and bacteria, but it is still an intriguing idea. It is possible to open the cap without removing the mask and simply drink with a straw.