Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Tuck Bike: A folding bike with folding wheels

We have recently come across many different folding bike designs that have been created for use in metropolitan areas. The electric scooter HiMo H1, which can fit into the backpack when folded, and GoCycle GXi are the recent examples of the fastest folding e-bike. But have you seen any model in which even the wheels fold? Well, this is one of the many features that Tuck Bike offers you.

Tuck Bike is designed by British inventor Alex Animashaun to make urban transportation simpler and stress-free. During his career, he worked for Jaguar Land Rover to develop hybrids, as well as for Kenyan automaker Mobius Motors.

It has a full size frame and 700c wheels, with a diameter of 622 mm.
It has a full size frame and 700c wheels, with a diameter of 622 mm.

The two main problems with existing foldable bicycles are the small frame and wheels so that the bike can be folded and transported well. But now, this problem has been solved by Tuck Bike.

As you can see in the images, it is a bike in which even the wheels are foldable. Thanks to this, it has a full-size frame and 700c wheels, with a diameter of 622 mm, which are the ones that are usually mounted on racing bikes. The carbon fiber spoked wheel and airless foam tires fold into three pieces, like stacked slices of pizza. Also, the frame can be divided in the middle, and the whole process should be completed within two minutes.

The bike weighs only 14 kg, and its dimensions are reduced to 61 x 83 x 37 cm when folded. So you might think it is small enough to fit comfortably in a small travel bag, under your desk or in the trunk. In addition, even if the wheels are folded, it is possible to carry the bike comfortably on the two tiny spinner wheels.

Tuck Bike is specially designed to move easily in areas such as escalators, crowded subway corridors, and to stay in balance. At the moment, the bike is still in the prototype stage. With the Kickstarter campaign in September 2020, Alex wants to obtain financing to put this curious folding bike on the market.