Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Travel Sax: World’s smallest electronic saxophone

The saxophone is a fun musical instrument that allows you to explore jazz music as well as band literature. However, it comes with some disadvantages too- it is loud and can impose on neighbors. Also, the instrument is very expensive, cumbersome and inconvenient to carry due to its size and weight.

The inventors and designers at Odisei Music Company in Barcelona, found that the common issues of noise and transport were the big problems for all the saxophone players. So, they created Travel Sax, the smallest and lightest electronic saxophone in the world.

It’s so small and lightweight that you can carry it anywhere you go and use your free time to practice your saxophone licks!

With the weight of just 300 grams, it is lightest electronic saxophone in the world. Additionally, it comes with the length of only 22 cm without the mouthpiece, which is close to the size of a water bottle.

Travel Sax: Mouthpiece
Travel Sax: Mouthpiece

The instrument is the first electronic saxophone that uses a standard saxophone mouthpiece and the position of the keys as well as the pressure needed to play them mimic a conventional saxophone. The team has developed a Free Travel Sax App compatible with IOs and Android. This app will enable you to play different high-quality saxophones.

The Travel Sax App
The Travel Sax App

Moreover, it comes compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy connectivity and USB connection. Connect your Travel Sax with your smartphone or tablet and play, record and learn new skills using different music Apps.

The app has everything that you need. Play, learn and set daily reminders with the free Travel Sax App. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and Tablets Connect your Travel Sax to your PC or mac and use it as a midi controller.

Connect your Travel Sax to your PC or Mac and use it as a midi controller.In addition, equipped with the Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery using USB, Travel Sax allows up to 6 hours of non-stop playing. You can connect it to your PC or MAC and use it as a midi controller to perform live or record in the studio.

You will also have access to step by step video tutorials and many other cool features. Users can bring their own mouthpiece to the Travel Sax, and the FAQ page says that soprano, alto, tenor and baritone mouthpieces will work.

Travel Sax will definitely help saxophone players improve their playing skill much faster and easier. This small electronic saxophone can be the best partner to help you practice anytime, anywhere, without disturbing anyone.