Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Take your travel experience to next level with this AI powered suitcase

To push the envelope to enhance people’s lives and open up to more possibilities by heralding the next generation of AI robotics, ForwardX, a Beijing-based company, has recently presented a new product, Ovis.

Ovis is a new-generation smart luggage that follows you wherever you go. Equipped with computer vision technology, Ovis is the world’s first vision-powered carry-on that can follow you from behind and move autonomously by your side, company representatives claim.

It integrates groundbreaking proprietary computer vision technology, Visual Simultaneous Location And Mapping (VSLAM), and artificial neural network algorithms developed by ForwardX.

Via its complex algorithms, this AI-powered suitcase can not only “see” as we do but also identify what it is seeing. Ovis’ side-follow technology is far more advanced than rear-following because of the requirement of prediction algorithms. With these state of the art algorithms, Ovis can easily stay by your side at all times, so you don’t have to look over your shoulder just to see your luggage constantly.

Its computer vision technology allows the computer to gain a high-level understanding of digital images or videos so that the computer can “see” what the human’s visual system can do.

Its obstacle avoidance technology works the same as the self-driving technology. The technology helps Ovis to sense and assess the environment precisely, calculate the distance, and estimate the direction and route to avoid potential obstacles, with a deviation precision of +/- 1cm.

It can also know how much your luggage weighs at any point, so you never have to worry about being overweight for your carry-on.

With its large interior volume of 34 L, it can easily hold enough items for a whole week’s trip. With durable yet lightweight material, Ovis makes your travel lite and smart.

Take your travel experience to next level with this AI powered suitcase

Ovis material is made of carbon fiber, which offers the greatest efficiency and performance with the premium material that is both durable and lightweight.

Clocking in at 3m/s (6.7 mph), Ovis’ revolutionary rear-wheel drive operates quieter and more swiftly than traditional wheels.

In other words, this groundbreaking ‘seeing’ suitcase is the ultimate carry-on sidekick.

The Ovis energy is based on a Lithium-ion battery with 96Wh power. One additional fascinating feature is that it can charge any and all of your devices on the go. Free yourself from searching for outlets at the airport! With Ovis, you will always be prepared for your social media updates, your favorite TV show, and your last bit of work before boarding.

Take your travel experience to next level with this AI powered suitcase
Charge on the go

We are constantly worried, with many “hands-free” devices getting lost at any point, even though the system says it is steal-proof. With Ovis, this isn’t a worry due to the Anti-Lost Smart Band. The smart band will vibrate when your Ovis is over 2 meters away. It also alerts the owner when the battery of Ovis is running low or when Ovis is experiencing other problems that might need tech support from us.

Take your travel experience to next level with this AI powered suitcase
GPS Location Tracking

Fear of losing your luggage at the airport? Ovis, get you covered. The constant GPS tracking module ensures you will never lose track of your luggage again. Equipped with GPS and 3G technology and presented as an individual, cut-resistant, modularized luggage tag, the location tracker of Ovis provides you with real-time monitoring and tracking of your belongings – anytime & anywhere.

Take your travel experience to next level with this AI powered suitcase
Full-featured app

The Ovis has an App to check the luggage weight, track your Ovis, and monitor battery life.

Additional features:

  • Facial Recognition: 99.1% precision on LFW in face recognition
  • Pose Estimation: Rank 1st in the AI Pose Challenger Bi-weekly Match One
  • Multiple Object Tracking: 93% recall with a 2M model in multiple object detection
  • Re-identification: 94.4% precision of Re-identification on market-1501