Monday, July 22, 2024

Toyi: Play kit to transform everything into unique Toys

Due to any circumstances if the child cannot use their creativity to the full extent unable to explore it fully. It impacts their entire lifestyle, academics, and others aspects of life. Contemplating the need a team of creatives has designed the kit, Toyi. It is a limitless creative play kit without instructions that allow a child to create unique toys themselves.

Elif Atmaca, Designer of Toyi, explained her reason of inventing this kit, “Especially in regions with many disadvantaged children, it is hard to send them the desired toys; so we thought we should make something that allows these children to transform the materials around them into toys.”

A water bottle turned into a rocket.
A water bottle turned into a rocket with Toyi.

This kit contains sticks, wheels, feet, eyes, joints, flexible rings and junction parts. It enables the child to make the entire world his playground. It can turn trash or anything into toys. For instance, a water bottle can turn into a rocket, an old box to a train compartment or a pine cone to a cute monster, etc.

Let the real explorers interact with the physical and social surrounding and the inner worlds.

Since there are no instructions or rulebook given to connect the objects in the kit child will have full freedom to explore its imagination and creativity. It automatically enables the child to make a limitless number of toys.

Making unique toys with Toyi is extremely simple and creative. Just imagine, explore your imagination by relating them to the object around and make your toys and let’s get ready to play with your own made toys.

Toyi will not just help children to nurture their creativity but also will help them to develop many other skills they may need in 21st century. Toyi enables your child to become self-confident, productive and life-long learners.