Tuesday, December 11, 2018

TidyTech: Toothbrush station kills germs and bacteria in the vicinity

The place used certainly by everyone is washroom. You cannot resist yourself from using it. But unpleasantly it is the place where loads of the germs and bacteria are found. You cannot see them with naked eyes but they occupy every place to affect our health and hygiene. We do all mighty things to keep our washrooms clean. However, they are there.

To manage the cleanliness out and out in the washroom TidyTech team has developed the TidyTech self-sanitizing UV Toothbrush holder. It is a smart toothbrush cup that will keep all of your loved ones hygienic essentials sterilized and clean, removing 99.9% of all present germs and bacteria.

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There is no need to keep always an eye on this machine. TidyTech will thoroughly sanitize all your toiletry or kitchen essentials with germ-killing UV lights that continue to clean even when you’re not around.

Amazing features

  • Self-Sanitizing

TidyTech is designed to run automatically at set intervals throughout the day to sanitize and sterilize essentials placed in the washroom.

  • Motion-Sensitive

It is built with smart infrared technology that detects human movement and ensures the sanitizing process operates only when no one is in the immediate vicinity.

  • Solar Charging

It is an energy saving device. TidyTech has a built-in solar charging panel to support the charging of the station. It can operate for over months on a single battery charge, for an approximate usage of 1800 cleaning sessions.

  • Powerful Sterilization

This innovative device utilizes ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, germs, and fungi, leaving your toothbrush and hygiene products sanitized and clean. It sterilizes the essentials in the vicinity with UV and Photocatalyst. The station sends out a UV light wavelength of 250 nanometers.

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  • Modern design and Multi-functional 

The TidyTech was designed to keep things clean and minimal. It can be used for your bathroom toiletries or kitchen utensils, whether toothbrushes, razors, clippers, scrapers, knives, forks, spoons, and more.

  • Wireless

The TidyTech station was designed for better safety, to remove any loose electrical cords around the sink splash-zone or countertops that pose a potential hazard. In the same accord, it’s designed wireless.

  • Easy to Disassemble and Clean

The TidyTech station can easily be cleaned by detaching top lid from the lower base. The station is also water resistant, so there is no harm in cleaning in the kitchen or washroom.

Stay green and keep your footprint even lighter, with TidyTech’s solar charging technology and family-friendly design.

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