Sunday, March 26, 2023

The most thoughtful makeup mirror ever, Cosmirror

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Wow! This is something cozy I found for women and will touch their heart. Yes, because what we are writing today can help them apply flawless makeup.

“A recent survey done by beauty e-tailer SkinStore showed that women in the United States spend about $300,000 just on their face during their lifetime.”

“When we talk about time then, according to a survey into women’s daily beauty regimes shows UK women spend a colossal 474 days. On average the women in the survey admitted taking 14.5 minutes on their weekday make-up routine, 24 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday, and just over once a week would spend 76 minutes getting ready for a big night out.”

However, women may know the difficulties can occur during the makeup. Such as overhead lighting creates unwanted shadows that can make a huge difference in how you apply makeup. Most of the time you end up overcompensating by applying too much.

Cosmirror Construction
Cosmirror Construction

Cosmirror lets you try out new looks with confidence. It devised 66 HD POWER LEDs with reflector and diffusion layers to create natural sunlight’s full-color spectrum. “True natural daylight” solely can give the ultimate in complexion clarity, color matching, and flawless blending makeup.

It is rechargeable with 2000mAh battery and a micro USB port. You can charge it with a laptop, a wall charger, or a power bank if needed. It is portable and gives you the freedom to apply flawless makeup anywhere, anytime.

Cosmirror Features
Cosmirror Features

This amazing mirror has 21 makeup modes to adapt to various lighting needs in different environments. Also, you can select three color temperatures, warm light (2800K-3200K), natural light (5500K-6500K), and cold light (5500K-6500K), each color with 7-level adjustable brightness.

Its Hidden Detachable 7X Magnification Mirror provides an exceptionally detailed reflection to help you refine your makeup. Besides, it is a 6.5 Inch HD Mirror with a color rendering index (CRI) of 98 and illuminance of 1100 lux. You can adjust an angle of the mirror up to 0 to 90-degrees.

Cosmirror Accessories
Cosmirror Accessories

Incredibly designed Cosmirror shows every single detail on faces clearly. You can use it anywhere such as for daily skin care and makeup, office makeup or appointment or for any other occasions.

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