Friday, April 19, 2024

The Lamp: A perfect desk accessory for modern devices

A desk lamp is a must for a home. However, most other traditional lamps have quite a bulky setup, comes with messy cables, and most importantly they don’t suit your decor. You surely have seen a lot of innovative desk lamps and also they have blown you with their astounding features.

Well, this is something very unique! It is not just a lamp, but a fashion statement, a symbol of professionalism, and a wireless charging station for all your devices.

The BOXLITE company introduced this tremendously stylish and truly unique new lamp called “The Lamp”, that redefines the entire lighting categories. It is not just a lighting solution but can be the perfect desk accessory for all your modern devices.

This elegant and most stylish lamp is made with totally unique technology and a clear design. Unlike the most other desk lamps, it does not require any bulky setups. Besides, it is designed without those messy cables and joints.

But then again, it is no ordinary desk lamp, it is designed for the modern workspace and to match perfectly with your up-to-date mobile gear.

The Lamp offers three different lighting modes – relax, computer, and drawing that you can set as per your requirements. The relax mode setting provides a soft, warm background light. Perfect for night time reading. Next, the computer mode gives you a dimmed neutral light while working on the screen. And the last one, the drawing mode offers an intense white light, suitable for off-screen or drawing.

The Lamp: Computer Mode
The Lamp: Computer Mode

Moreover, it offers adjustable color intensity and color temperature as follows:

  • Relax: 2 Watt 250 Lux 2700k
  • Computer: 5 Watt 700 Lux 3200k
  • Drawing: 8 Watt 1200 Lux 4000k
The Lamp:  Touch Support Base
The Lamp: Touch Support Base

How to use it or change settings? Simply tap the lamp base to switch the lamp or change its settings. Just that simple!

  • Tap the touch sensor once to turn ON
  • Tap again to change the intensity in 3 steps
  • Hold the touch sensor to turn OFF

In addition, the lamp has a memory function. It will automatically remember its previous setting when you switch the lamp back ON.

The Lamp: Wireless Charging and USB Speed Charging
The Lamp: Wireless Charging and USB Speed Charging

Besides lighting, it can be a great charging station for all your devices. It comes with the Qi wireless charging technology and fast USB speed charging for all modern devices like iPhones, iPads and Android devices. A USB port is given at its back for the phone that does not support wireless charging.

  • WIRELESS Qi Charger 5V/1A (5 Watt)
  • USB Port 5V/2,4A speed charge (12 Watt)

This ergonomically designed lamp weighs just 1.06 Kg and dimensionally it is 350x60x415 mm. The Lamp needs a power supply of 5 VDC 26 Watt.

Additionally, it comes in 4 great matt anodized finishes. Silver, Black, Gold, and Rosegold.

The Lamps’ elegant and ergonomic design make you fall in love with it. It inspires creativity and fit your lifestyle.