The Daypack is made from upcycled ocean plastics

The ocean is suffering today and we need the ocean for the earth to continue to support life. Because the oceans provide us with 70 percent of our Oxygen, 3 billion people depend on the ocean for their primary source of protein.

To avert this suffering to some extent Solgaard has crafted ‘the Daypack’. It is a backpack that with interior and exterior fabric made from upcycled ocean plastic. This backpack is designed by experts in bagmaking. The Daypack is the result of their three years of testing, research, and customer feedback.

The creators shared their working pattern, “We are working with partners in the Maldives and the Philippines to collect plastic from beaches and within 10kms of the coastline, separating the materials collected into two piles: the PET we can use, the other material is sent to another recycling factory. We are also making our shipping solution to be zero-waste – meaning we no additional plastic can find its way into the ocean.”

The Daypack design
The Daypack design

It exceptionally designed to carry everyday belongings like a laptop.

It is a tedious process to craft this backpack. They collected plastic from the ocean. Their first collection point was the Maldives. They manage documents as they stated, “We will document the process of your bag, and each bag will come with a certificate of origin: where the plastic was collected for it to be made.”

Later the material is sorted and cleaned and the unused material is sent to another recycling plant. Next they material is flaked and heated into pellets. However, pellets are stretched into yarn and then woven into the fabric.

Lastly, the fabric is cut and sewn to build Daypack. As they destined to upcycle the oceans they target to pull up 5 pounds of ocean trash for each bag made. They equipped backpack with those alternatives people use made from plastic such as straws. On average in the U.S. each person uses 1.4 plastic straws per day. To save 1.4 plastic straws per day and 500 straws per year.

They designed it with secret pockets to store passport, metro card, and credit cards. Also designed with luggage strap to make it perfect for the long haul. Besides, the Daypack has side pockets which are stretchy and flexible, organized internals with drop-proof laptop storage and stainless steel straw.

Not merely a backpack but they have the ultimate packaging solution. In aspect to reduce 39 percent of plastic waste comes from packaging.

They said, “On top of eliminating virgin plastic from our supply chain: we’re eliminating single-use plastics from our packaging: We’ve developed and tested a revolutionary shipping packaging solution; using no single-use plastic. The shipping container your bag is delivered in is a water resistant and reversible tote bag.”

The shipping bag is a reversible bag that comes with a zipper that’s secured with a biodegradable zip tie, so it can’t be tampered with during shipping.

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