Tesla’s new solar panels are more powerful at lowered prices

In recent years, Tesla has invested heavily in solar roof tiles or solar panels for a home to reduce your dependence on the grid, allowing you to take control of your monthly electricity bill. Following the acquisition of SolarCity, the American company has updated its solar panels to be available at pricing that’s more affordable than ever before.

Last October, Tesla unveiled the third generation of its home solar roof tiles, and now the company has launched a new, more powerful solar panel, while at the same time significantly reducing its price.

New panels are 10% more efficient and about 17% cheaper, which is a significant improvement. Tesla offers new systems with revised sizes with more efficient energy usage. The solar panels are low-profile and durable – quickly converting sunlight to energy for decades to come.

Tesla solar roof tile specifications.
Tesla solar roof tile specifications.
Credits: Tesla

Tesla offers four different sizes of solar roof tiles, with a medium size of 8.16 kW now and costing $16,000 ($11,840 after incentives), while in the past, the same panel had a performance of 7.56 kW and cost $19,500. The reduced price could convince a decent amount of homeowners to make the jump to solar power. The solar tile of 12.24 kW costs $23,500, while the extra-large one with 16.32 kW of performance has a price of $30,000.

The American company has hired and is training specialized craftsmen for the installation of its solar panels – tiles, while it plans to enable third parties to do the installation. Musk has stated in the past that they have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that their installation is quick and done in less time than installing a traditional tiled roof and then the solar panels on them.