Tesla Cybertruck to join Dubai’s police car fleet

Any cop who is also a fan of impressive cars would definitely want to work for the Dubai Police, which is often expanding its incredible fleet. The Dubai Police department already has a pretty astonishing fleet of the most expensive and fastest cars in the world.

Now, Tesla Cybertruck will become part of the police fleet along with the already existing Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, and many others. Most recently, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S was added to the department. This was reported by the city police on Twitter.

The news was confirmed in an interview with Arabian Business, where Dubai police official Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri said that Cybertruck would be used as a patrol vehicle at popular tourist sites. The agency did not specify exactly how many pickups and which version of the pickup was ordered for its fleet.

A photo of Cybertruck in “police attire” has already been released, as well as information that it will join the fleet in 2020. However, this is hard to believe because the production of the basic and mid-range versions will not start before the end of 2021. The best three-engine model will be produced at the end of 2022.

Elon Musk introduced the first Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck on November 22. It will come with one, two, or three engines; the top version will be able to accelerate to 96.6 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds. The company claims that on a single charge, Cybertruck will be able to travel up to 805 kilometers.

Two days after the presentation, Elon Musk announced about 146 thousand pre-orders for Cybertruck, and by November 26, their number had grown to 250 thousand. Since one reservation had to pay $ 100, the company received $ 25 million so far.


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