Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tesla’s Chinese rival hits the market: the Xpeng P7, a super-long range EV

Xpeng Motors, a Chinese electric vehicle, and technology company, has unveiled its P7 super-long range, high-performance, fast-charging intelligent EV sports sedan.

The startup, founded only six years ago and backed by giants Alibaba and Foxconn, currently offers two electric models – the sports-utility G3 and the new P7 sedan. If you immediately think of Tesla California models when you look at them, you’re probably not alone. We had exactly the same feeling.

The second Xpeng Motors model is committed to a level of technology without equal. For example, it has level 3 autonomous driving functions, thanks to advanced radar sensors with a detection capacity of up to 200 meters and 180º front, side and rear cameras, making it the first mass-production model to be put to use.

Xpeng P7 Interior
Xpeng P7 Interior

The model P7 is a sedan with a length of 4,880 mm, a width of 1,896 mm, and a height of 1,450 mm. It integrates the electric motor, transmission, and control system into its powerful 3-in-1 electric drive system. The P7 comes equipped with an 80.87 kWh battery pack comprised of pouch cells with a claimed energy density of 170 Wh/kg. In addition to the 196 kW (263 HP) rear motor, the all-wheel-drive version adds a 120 kW (161 HP) front motor, which drops the P7’s 100 km/h (0-62 mph) from 6.7 seconds for the RWD model to 4.3 seconds for the AWD high-performance version. It comes in several models, the cheapest being an RWD long-range model offers 568 km (353 miles). The middle option is the super-long range RWD with its 706 km (439 miles) range.

The electric car has an arsenal of technology, with a voice control system for the information and entertainment system. The navigation system has high definition maps, and among the driving aids, traffic light recognition and a parking assistant with memory. Everything is governed by the powerful NVIDIA’s DRIVE AGX Xavier system-on-a-chip, capable of up to 30 billion operations per second. No more information about the car has been revealed yet.

The Xpeng P7 is immediately available for order in China in 3 versions and eight configurations, and customer deliveries will commence end of June 2020, starting at $32,462 – $49,404 post subsidies.