Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tern Smart Faucet: The home’s first smart water filter

Water pollution is increasing with every passing day and purified water is becoming a myth. But this new water filter will not disappoint you since it is better for your health, wallet, and the environment.

Philadelphia based Tern Water has introduced ‘Tern Smart Faucet’. It is the smart water filter to give you healthy water at home. It houses the Smart Faucet, an incredible attachment, to make available the healthy, safe and sustainable water in every glass.

This most essential smart-home water purifier integrates the latest technology

A team of Tern Water believes safe water equals healthy humans. Therefore, they intended to provide the information and tools to allow humans to drink safe water anywhere.

It is easy to use, simply attach Smart Faucet to any existing faucet. Later the Tern Water app will sync smoothly. Also, it receives new filters if required at your doorstep.

Smart Faucet Design
Smart Faucet Design

Smart Faucet houses battery that lasts for one year and will be replaced with Tern Service. Memory that can store data for up to one month of usage. With this Smart Faucet data transmission is possible through Bluetooth powered for a 10 m range. Sensors to capture the real-time data from the water.

It is made from Stainless Steel Copper and can connect an adapter to universal faucet attachments. It equipped a filter that can remove almost all the contaminants present in the water.

Tern App
Tern App

Tern Water has designed the Smart Faucet with a companion app which is compatible with both iOS and Android. This mobile application will monitor Filter Status, Real-Time Water Usage, and Water Quality. Through the application, Tern team will know timely when to send a new filter, you need not go for any manual process. An app will fetch all the required information and will send new filter at your doorstep. It triggers a notification to change the filter.

This application will also track your water consumption levels, water flow rates, filter lifetime and battery power. Tern app allows you to customize alert to conserve more water in your home and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Besides, it will also receive local water contamination notification if any. You can compare water quality and usage with your friends and family through this app.

Tern Water’s water quality test should be done at every home. This is to check the water contaminants, and safety essential for the family.