Saturday, May 18, 2024

Teplo: Brews tea based on your emotional state

The designers at Boston based company Load & Road have created “Teplo”, the world’s first connected teapot that brews tea based on your emotional state. If you’re tired, it will brew at a higher temperature to increase caffeine levels- mostly used to improve mental alertness.

Observing the behavior and body language of a person to adjust tea brewing temperature and time according to users’ need. Teplo just do that! It comes with a built-in sensor which collects essential information about you and your surroundings. Teplo then readjusts the brewing algorithm, to create a truly personalized tea drinking experience.

What it comes with?

Teplo comes equipped with a heart rate sensor that senses your heart rate, body temperature and environmental factors like room temperature, humidity level, and sound level. After collecting all these information Teplo then adjusts the temperature and time to cater a truly personalized cup of tea, that suits you.

The team has designed an infuser chamber with stainless steel and a rose gold copper plating. It has a small ball at one end and the mesh at the other. The small ball at one end is to keep the infuser inverted in its natural state. The ball symbolizes the golden drop of tea.

Additionally, the auto rotation of the mesh and the infuser is designed in such a way that it enables good mixing of the tea and the water.

How to use?

What you have to do is simply add some cold water to the removable and dishwasher safe kettle. Put your favorite preferred tea leaves into the rose gold infuser.

Then select the tea that suits your requirements from the mobile app. Teplo’s mobile app contains a number of teas. Lavender tea, Earl Grey tea, Gyokuro Green tea, Floral white tea, Moroccan Mint tea etc. just to name the few.

Teplo's mobile app
Teplo’s mobile app

Alternatively, if you wish for a personalized brew, place your finger on the heart rate sensor. A heart rate and finger temperature sensor located on the base of the kettle detects the user’s heart rate and body temperature. It will heat up the water to the optimal brewing temperature within minutes.

Teplo: Heart rate sensor
Teplo: Heart rate sensor

A beautifully designed infuser will auto rotate and submerge the tea leaves for the optimal brewing time. Once the brewing is complete, the infuser will auto-rotate to its original position to prevent over soaking. That’s it! You are all set to enjoy the perfect cup of your personalized tea.

Teplo: The infuser
Teplo: The infuser

Moreover, the team has designed Teplo glass keeping the nature and environment of all teas in mind. It includes brewing temperature, drinking temperature, the environment, and your preference.

So, Teplo comes with a set of tea drinking glass having both thin wall and thick wall on opposite sides of it. You can taste the tea better at a lower temperature using the thinner side as well as at higher temperature using the thinner side.

If you are stressed, Teplo will brew tea at a slightly lower temperature increasing the brewing time to make a more calming, sweeter tea. Teplo safely stores your data and analyses it in order to understand your lifestyle and taste preferences. With each brew, Teplo lets you learn more about your state of mind.