Sunday, March 26, 2023

Technological fat reducer and muscle-adding device

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Well, exercise is not the only alternative to reduce fat and build muscles now onwards. Because technology will be the companion help you out there with your exercise and diet. Smart body builder designed the technological fat reducer and muscle-adding device. It houses many recognized technologies used to simulate muscle movement and deeply burn fat.

This device includes two tools one is dedicated to the abdomen and another is for local areas. First one monitors the simulation of abdominal muscle movement. Where it takes care of regional lipo-reduction, intensifies abdominal muscle and shape muscle lines.

Another tool simulates arm muscle movements. In which it shapes musculus biceps brachii and musculus triceps brachii, and strengthen arm muscles. Also, when used with legs, it simulates leg muscle movements. Where it deeply burn fat, simulate weight training, and shrink your muscles at their peak.

This device is compatible with iOS and Android. It provides app intelligent connect, however, the app supports English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, and other national languages.

Omnidirectional Fat reduction

This cutting-edge device empowers you to exercise at seven places on the body. Besides, it provides five exercise techniques and 50-level intensity. It offers omnidirectional fat reduction as you can see in the picture.

Technological fat reducer and muscle-adding device enhance the plausibility of Waist, abdomen, arms, hands, neck, and leg. It works in all directions whether to click, pinch, fat burning, shape body or adds muscles.

Improves appearance starting with ABS tape
Improves appearance starting with ABS tape

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) intelligent micro-electric technology is utilized in this device. Which make muscle movements break through the body’s limit. It uses the FITPAD principle in which it simulates electric signal and cheats muscles. Whereas in normal circumstances the brain sends commands and the muscles begin to contract and move. Therefore, it helps you increase muscles easily.

Intelligent Frequency Conversion
Intelligent Frequency Conversion

Working with this device is easy since its intensity gradually increases. Even it monitors your muscle contraction and building as shown in the picture.

It comes with 15 powerful frequency conversions and with the perfect curvature of 2000R. It is available in a detachable form with an independent APP system. Technological Fat reducer and muscle-adding device consist of 1750 kinds of exercise prescriptions.

Multi-Site Physiotherapy
Multi-Site Physiotherapy

It simulates four traditional Chinese medicine methods. Such as Scraping therapy, Massage, Malaxation and Hammer blow. It activates veins and promotes the blood circulation of the whole body for 30 minutes each day. Likewise, the other benefits such as improves sleep, prolong life, improve sub-health state, relieve fatigue. Also, offers the multi-site Physiotherapy.

Silicon Conductive Patch

Similarly, its carefully curated design made of different layers. A layer that is close to body lines, light and soft is made from a soft Silicone material. Whereas, the next layer conducts electricity throughout the body safely is made from pure Silver wire mesh. It houses the 10-gear intensity adjustment.

Main Engine

Above is the main engine of this device equipped in the center. Which can be charged through a USB cable and enable you to use it for six hours in one charge.

Gel Sheet
Gel Sheet

Abdomen Paster weighs 50g and Local Paster 30g. About size then Abdomen Paster is 20*17cm and Local Paster 23*12cm. It devised a battery of 150mAh. Also, has power-off protection, Bluetooth 4.0, One-key boot, automatic mode, and an environmental protection glue stick.

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