Take your drink experience to a new level with this Levitating Cup

High-end drinking culture has always been shrouded in tradition, but as consumers like millennials start relying on technology more throughput their daily lives. Thus, there is more and more demand to experience things in new ways.

SO, here it comes gravity defining drinkware i.e., the levitating cup that will leave your guests in awe. Forget coasters, your cup will never touch the surface of a table. Consisting of two parts, our cup and base set uses the electromagnetic suspension to keep your drinks magically floating in mid-air.

This levitating cup made by the company known as LeviatingX, allows you to float your drinks in the air, impressing all your friends with a magical illusion every-time you set your drink down. It works using a process called Quantum Locking, which, sparing you all the high-tech mumbo-jumbo, it essentially uses magnets and an electrical field to keep your drink floating in the air and locked in place so it won’t fall to the side.

Made from shatterproof faux-glass, this marvel of beverage engineering seems to defy the perceived laws of physics as it’s suspended in air above its chrome, magnetic, and unassuming base.

As you’re probably able to tell, the cup has a big metal base on it that most likely contains a large magnet, whereas the base on the surface of the table contains another magnet along with the electric field. Unfortunately, since this isn’t quite the future yet, you will have to plug your floating coaster into a wall outlet, since the process needs the power to work correctly and stay floating.

The base is rechargeable and can be used without the need for a power cord (because let’s face it, cords would take away from the floaty fun), and the cup itself is entirely dishwasher-safe.

Rather than enhancing the taste of the libation, the Levitating CUP enhances the experience surrounding the beverage. Now you can create a gravity-defying spectacle surrounding your favorite beverage that is as unique as the contents inside.