Underwater drone

Flyability Elios drone used to explore the depths of Greenland ice caves

The drone technology helps scientists reach the depths of some of the deepest ice caves in the world.

FIFISH V6, an underwater robot to discover the undiscovered

FIFISH V6 brings the revolutionary point of view for underwater photography and filmmaking.

Zycraft introduces modified Dolphin marine rescue robot

It can be radio controlled to 500 m range and is usable under most sea conditions.

Royal Navy invests in first extra-large autonomous test submarine

MSub’s S201 manned submersible to be converted into an unmanned vehicle (XLUUV).

Chasing Dory, the mini underwater drone for marine exploration

If you were waiting for the arrival of a drone to explore the seas at a good price, this is yours.

BW-Space underwater drone with 6X optical zoom lens for better close-ups

Underwater drones or ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicles) allow you to descend into the mysterious depths of our planet's great lakes, seas, and oceans....

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