Robotic hand

BionicMobileAssistant, a bionic robot hand for helpers in assembly and intralogistics

It can identify objects, grip adaptively and work together with humans.

LTU student teaches kids to build DIY robotic hand sanitizer dispenser

It is a way to tie in robotics with everything else that’s going on and help kids learn robotics.

Robotic hand with human-like capabilities can even play the piano

It is as delicate and powerful as a human hand.

MWES develops a precise food product case packing robot

MWES case packing machine is able to pack up to 80 bags per minute with no drops.

Miso Robotics presents zero-footprint, cost-efficient robotic kitchen assistant

Flippy's transformation introduces zero-footprint kitchen robot with expanded capabilities.

Robotic hand capable of grasping objects without touching them

The technology is relevant in situations where damage to small and fragile components can be very expensive.

LG Electronics showcased its first cooking robot called “LG CLOi Chefbot”

It can complete basic tasks such as making noodles in less than a minute.

Artificial hand combines robotic control with users’ voluntary control

Today's motorized prosthetic hands have limited functionality. They are difficult to use, as the users have to focus on controlling things constantly. To overcome this...

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