Robotic hand

Robotic hand capable of grasping objects without touching them

The technology is relevant in situations where damage to small and fragile components can be very expensive.

LG Electronics showcased its first cooking robot called “LG CLOi Chefbot”

It can complete basic tasks such as making noodles in less than a minute.

Artificial hand combines robotic control with users’ voluntary control

Today's motorized prosthetic hands have limited functionality. They are difficult to use, as the users have to focus on controlling things constantly. To overcome this...

Ultra-gentle robotic gripper grasps and releases jellyfish without harming them

Jellyfish are about 90% water, and quite fragile, which makes them very difficult to study. Robots' heavy grip might not be a problem when...

Robots need to know why they are doing certain task – study

Humans perform object manipulation to execute certain tasks. Such action is rarely initiated with no goals in mind. In contrast, traditional robotic grasping focuses...

A dexterous robotic hand can move the same as a human hand

A London-based robotic company, Shadow Robot crafted a robotic hand which is considered to be one of the best robotic hands ever created. It...

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