Legged robot

World’s first blade walk of inspect-and-repair robot on offshore wind turbine

First robotic blade walk on a wind turbine opens door to significant cost cuts in offshore renewables.

Engineers deploy Spot robodog to sniff out radiation in Ukraine’s Chernobyl

Spot is capable of making inspection rounds all by itself and can navigate hostile environments.

Robot α-WaLTR can transform its wheels into legs depending on the need

The adaptable Wheel-and-Leg Transformable Robot will be able to decide for itself which to use.

Headless Digit robot can carry boxes up the stairs, work alongside humans

Agility Robotics raises $20 million to build and deploy humanoid robots for work in human spaces.

Japan’s 60-foot-tall Gundam RX-78 robot takes its first steps

The 18-meter-tall robot has been under construction in the Japanese city of Yokohama for years.

CaseCrawler allows your phone to crawl to the charging pad

It is a lightweight and low-profile movable platform with a high payload capacity.

Japan’s gigantic, 60-foot Gundam Robot takes its first tentative steps

The company expects to have a grand opening within the year.

Boston Dynamics starts selling Spot Robot to any company for $74,500

Spot comes ready to operate, right out of the box.

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