Legged robot

Digit, a two-legged robot designed for last-50-feet delivery is on sale

Digit, a robot with arms and legs to work with humans and in human spaces.

Two-legged Cassie Cal robot can juggle a ball on its head

Cassie may not have any arms to work with, but that doesn’t keep it from juggling a ball on its head.

Robot dogs can move more naturally thanks to algorithms and sensors

Virginia Tech's research team is working on enhancing agility, stability, and dexterity of four-legged robots.

OpenLeg, a new open source project for building robot legs

Researchers developed an open-source leg that others can use to build four-legged robots that can amble around the neighborhood.

The four-legged robot learned to stand on two legs without falling

Most four-legged robots have a similar design; their legs consists of two segments. Besides, these legs usually can bend only in one direction, which...

ANYmal C, an autonomous four-legged robot designed for industrial inspection

Industrial inspection, regardless of the reason for inspection, can be a very dirty and dangerous job. Evaluating or inspecting the health and risks of...

Digit, a new robot can deliver packages to your doorstep

In the future, you might find a two-legged robot (walks like a human) at your doorstep, delivering a parcel. Ford, better known for its...

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