Poimo inflatable electric scooter now comes in a custom-fit version

It allows users to design personal mobility tailored to their body and riding style.

CHOKA’s pressurized bike frames can instantly inflate a flat tire

Get the world's first pressurized frames and leave your hand pump at home!

BAE Systems and Royal Navy present the crewless Pacific 24 boat

It increase Navy’s capabilities while protecting sailor’s lives.

Meet Poimo, a portable and inflatable e-bike prototype

Poimo would be a cheaper, more modular, easier to carry and safer mobility solution.

Soffio, an inflatable, reusable face shield that allows for safe convivial time

It allows you to spend convivial time with friends at restaurants and pubs.

New Dockitjet inflatable jetski powered tender can carry up to 6 people

Jet Skiing is super cool! As a fun recreation activity, it can be done while on a family outing or when enjoying the beach...

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