Elon Musk

Elon Musk promises to have the Neuralink brain chip in a human this year

He says the upcoming version of the Neuralink is "Awesome."

Tesla reveals Camp Mode and Driving Visualization updates

Tesla recently released its 2019.40.50 update, which includes new features like Driver Profiles and Camp Mode.

Elon Musk reveals that the Tesla Cyberquad will arrive in 2021

Cyberquad was presented during the presentation, where Cybertruck made its debut.

Tesla patents a laser to clean the car windshield and solar panels

Tesla wants to replace good old fashioned windshield wipers with actual laser beams that zap away debris.

Tesla Cybertruck to join Dubai’s police car fleet

Cybertruck would be used as a patrol vehicle at popular tourist sites.

Tesla Cybertruck, the most bizarre pickup ever with 800 km of autonomy

An electric pickup with science-fiction design, a lot different than anything you've ever known in this segment.

Elon Musk introduced Starship Mark 1, the spacecraft that will send people to Mars

Ultimately, Starship will carry as many as 100 people on long-duration, interplanetary flights.

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