IBM develops a heavy metal-free battery using seawater materials

It could be a big step forward to address environmental concerns compared to current designs.

Turning agricultural waste into materials used in automobile parts

The materials have antimicrobial effects, facilitate the release of fragrances and enable new colors and optical effects.

Reebok created eco-friendly sneakers from sustainably grown plants

The Forever Floatride GROW is made with Castor Beans, Algae, Eucalyptus Trees and Natural Rubber.

Discarded banana waste turned into biodegradable, recyclable packaging

Converting agricultural waste into something that could value add to the industry it came from.

Unocup – The eco-friendly and foldable coffee cup without plastic lid

Unocup is the new, sleek paper coffee cup that makes plastic lids a thing of the past.

Los Angeles will soon build the road from recycled PET bottles

Plastic asphalt is 8 to 13 times stronger than conventional asphalt and can significantly reduce road maintenance costs.

An artificial tree sucks up as much air pollution as 368 real trees

Trees play an important role in reducing emissions and smog in big cities. They have excellent capacity of cleaning the air and absorbing CO2....

Shared e-scooters can be less green than several other transport options

People think of electric scooters or e-scooters as an eco-friendly way to get around the city. They think dockless electric scooters are more environmentally...

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