Delivery robot

N bot robots are trained to serve guests at the hotel

The robots can deliver goods to guests in their rooms.

Piaggio Gita Cargo-Bot follows its owner while carrying their belongings

The Gita has a lid at the top, with an internal storage compartment and the ability to carry up to 18 kg.

MIT’s new technique helps delivery robots automatically find the front door

For last-mile delivery, robots of the future may use a new MIT algorithm to find the front door, using clues in their environment.

UPS to deliver CVS healthcare prescriptions by drone at home

UPS and CVS Health have signed an agreement to explore drone delivery options.

Flirtey Eagle delivery drone can deliver packages in less than 10 minutes

A northern Nevada-based drone delivery company Flirtey has unveiled its new Flirtey Eagle quadcopter. This new drone system brings improvements to Flirtey's already active...

Starship’s food delivery robots are now serving at Purdue’s campus

Starship's autonomous delivery robots are boldly reaching everywhere. Now Purdue, which is (now) the largest campus in the world welcomed autonomous robot delivery. Beginning Monday,...

Postmates received a permit to test a delivery robot in San Francisco

Delivery robots will soon be back in San Francisco. Postmates has officially received the green signal to test its four-wheeled, cart-like delivery robot on...

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