Delivery robot

Kar-go, an autonomous delivery robot to deliver medicines in London

The Kar-Go can travel at 60 mph and can carry up to 48 packages.

Headless Digit robot can carry boxes up the stairs, work alongside humans

Agility Robotics raises $20 million to build and deploy humanoid robots for work in human spaces.

Nuro’s self-driving vehicle to deliver CVS Pharmacy prescriptions in Texas

This first-of-its-kind partnership brings Nuro into the health space.

Rappi robots make home deliveries to avoid direct contact between people

Delivery is carried out by 15 Rappi robots, which on average, process up to 120 orders daily.

Nuro uses its R2 unmanned delivery vehicles to help doctors fight COVID-19

The vehicles help provide truly contactless delivery of goods and medicines to the hospitals.

California allowed Nuro to test driverless vehicles on their roads

Nuro is the second company to receive a driverless permit in the state.

Nuro’s next-gen driverless delivery vehicle received approval for road traffic

The small Nuro R2 vans do not need brakes, steering wheels or side or rear mirrors.

Charmin unveiled a toilet paper delivery robot and a bathroom smell sensor

Charmin’s RollBot will bring a new toilet paper roll when you need it most.

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