Compact Design

Nendo unveils a slide-phone concept for Oppo that unfolds into three screen sizes

The concept is designed with three foldable screens attached by hinges folding over in the same direction.

Toyota C+pod, an ultra-compact BEV designed for narrow and busy roads

A two-seater BEV designed as a mobility option that improves per-person energy efficiency.

Raspberry Pi 400, a complete personal computer built into a keyboard

It is a powerful, easy-to-use computer built into a neat and portable keyboard.

MOFT Z, the world’s thinnest, foldable sit-stand laptop desk

It helps you develop a healthy sit-stand working posture in an easy way.

Apple patent reveals new iMac design with an unusual shape

New iMac may take the form of a capital letter "J."

The world’s lightest electric 16” folding bike, weighs just 12.5 kg

A Swiss startup United City Bikes has designed and developed an e-bike that is light, compact, durable, flexible and affordable. The company claimed that...

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