China unveils a new high-speed Maglev train prototype that can reach 620 km/h

It also unveiled the new maglev train and 165-meter (540 feet) test track in Chengdu.

EHang 216 air taxi completes its maiden flights in three Korean locations

South Korean authorities plan to launch city air routes over the next five years.

Crewed Chinese submersible dives to the Earth’s deepest ocean trench

It stayed there for more than six hours to collect marine samples and document the surrounding landscape.

Autoflight announces the V400 Albatross cargo and passenger drone

It was designed to simplify long-distance logistics as well as cargo delivery operations.

China is building a floating spaceport to launch space missions

The rocket launches on offshore platforms offer several advantages, like providing greater safety.

HIMO Z20, an ultra-dynamic dual-mode fast-folding e-bike

Tell your old run-of-the-mill bike to move aside, because the powerful HIMO Z20 is here.

In September, China will begin searching for aliens using the FAST telescope

With a diameter of 500 meters, the FAST is the second-largest radio telescope in the world.

Tesla’s Chinese rival hits the market: the Xpeng P7, a super-long range EV

A super-long range, high-performance, fast-charging intelligent EV sports sedan.

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