Sustainable cool packaging alternative to Styrofoam made from recycled paper

Scientists at TU Dresden are developing a sustainable insulation material from waste paper.

NEC mass produces NeCycle, a highly-functional cellulose-based bioplastic

NeCycle biodegrades in about four years in natural environments, such as the ocean and soil.

Researchers invent HelloMask, a transparent and biodegradable face mask

The mask capable of filtering viruses and bacteria as well as revealing your emotions.

Bioplastic based on fish waste and algae wins the James Dyson Award

Product design student Lucy Hughes has invented a bioplastic created from fish skin and scales and red algae.

Reebok created eco-friendly sneakers from sustainably grown plants

The Forever Floatride GROW is made with Castor Beans, Algae, Eucalyptus Trees and Natural Rubber.

Re:newcell found a way to turn used clothes into new recyclable garments

Turning used cotton and viscose into new biodegradable pulp, which in turn can be made into new garments.

Discarded banana waste turned into biodegradable, recyclable packaging

Converting agricultural waste into something that could value add to the industry it came from.

100% biodegradable pasta straws to help the planet

Made from wheat and water, Stroodles are the latest pasta-based and sustainable straw solution.

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