Henry Glogau’s Solar Desalination Skylight provides free lighting and drinking water

It emits a natural light, produces drinking water, and utilizes leftover salt brine for energy creation.

Portable 3D-printed device produces clean, safe water out of thin air

The compact, light-weight prototype device is light enough to be carried by soldiers for use at bases.

Solar-powered hydropanel harvests up to 10 liters of drinking water per day from air

Zero Mass Water's SOURCE hydropanel is bringing water to Navajo Nation.

A wind turbine that produces both electricity and drinking water

Yes, you read it right! A wind turbine, which produces clean drinking water.

Pavement made of recycled tires self-repairs every time it rains

Rubber pavement made of recycled tires combined with additives that allow it to self-regenerate upon contact with water.

Indus, an Algae Wall to cost-effectively purify polluted water

A tile-based, modular bioreactor wall system for cleaning water through bioremediation.

Pelican drone samples and analyzes water at a flying pace

The drone can quickly and automatically take freshwater samples, analyzes and more often at no extra cost.

NirNal, the cheapest, portable water filter that fits on your bottles

Want clean, safe water on your next trip without all the plastic waste? This lightweight, flexible, extremely portable water filter might be a great...

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